Dr. Stefan Lippert: Essentials of Management Corporate Strategy

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Dr. Stefan Lippert is a partner in the Tokyo Office of Simon-Kucher & Partners, a strategy & marketing consulting firm with a focus on revenue-driven profit growth. Simon-Kucher employs 480 consultants in 16 offices worldwide. The firm serves blue chips as well as SMBs, across all major industries, and maintains a close network with the Hidden Champions around the globe. Prior to joining Simon-Kucher, Stefan worked with McKinsey & Company.
“Essentials of Management” is a program series designed to help business persons acquire basic knowledge of business in English. This course focuses on developing basic knowledge of corporate strategy including competitive advantage, opportunities and threat, technology, global strategy, diversification strategy, performance and governance using case studies. The course is divided into four parts: Part 1, Strategic Overview covered in Session 1; Part 2, Strategic Analysis covered in Sessions 2 and 3; Part 3, Strategy Formulation covered in Sessions 4 through 10; Part 4, Strategy Implementation covered in Sessions 11 and 12. Throughout this course, you can learn various types of strategies that are necessary to survive and thrive in today’s corporate world.

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#01 Leadership, Strategy and Competitive Advantage
#02 Opportunities and Threats
#03 Competencies and Profitability
#04 Strategy at the Functional Level
#05 Strategy at the Business Level
#06 Industry Environment and Business Level Strategy
#07 Technology
#08 Global Strategy
#09 Strategy at the Corporate Level
#10 Corporate Diversification Strategy
#11 Performance and Governance
#12 Methods and Tools of Strategy Implementation



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