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buy soma cod accepted 商務英文用語較一般生活用語正式且專業,若溝通方式錯誤,可能會造成誤解,鬧出笑話,甚至丟了生意!因此,商務溝通技巧是商務人士必備的能力。本課程將能讓你與國外生意夥併開始進行有效且禮貌的互動,且協助你塑造專業形象與國際化社會接軌,進而建立你的全球市場版圖!

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Born in England and graduated from Cambridge University in 1992, with a later MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Reading University. Experience working in Europe and Thailand. Been teaching in Japan since 1995. Teaches a range of Business Skills courses, e.g. Presentations, Negotiations, etc. One specialist area is the teaching of cross-cultural courses for Japanese and non-Japanese students.
ohmea_content_info2 buy online soma without prescription (本講座為全英文版,較適合具英文中級以上能力者,也適合正學習英文者選修) overnight Soma order This course is for businesspeople who want to improve their presentation skills for global business communication. The course introduces the ten secrets for powerful presentations, covering all the essential areas of presentations skills, from audience analysis to confident delivery. There are interviews with presentation experts giving practical advice based on realworld experience. It also has example presentations demonstrating the skills taught. By taking this course you can master the secrets to powerful presentations. cheap discount online soma 20140507225128_12628
[agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” Soma with no prescription Overnight COD Deliveyry Module 1: Introduction & Presenting Confidently“] This module introduces the presenter’s professional background and the details of the course. It also gives practical advice on how to build your confidence for powerful presentations. It includes advice on overcoming your nerves, preparing for a confident delivery, relaxing your mind and body, and starting confidently. [/accordion] [/agroup] Soma online ordering next day VISA Mastercard accepted [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” cheap soma cod Module 2: Presenting to Different Cultures“] This module discusses how to present to different cultures. It covers the key areas of cultural differences in terms of content (direct or indirect) and style (formal or informal). There is a guest interview, focusing on how to present successfully to different cultures, and a checklist of 8 key cultural factors for successful presentations. [/accordion] [/agroup]

buy cheap soma without prescription [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” cheap soma cod Module 3: Preparing Effectively”] This module discusses four key areas for effective preparation: how to analyze your audience, how to identify your presentation objective, a preparation checklist to speed up your preparation and practice techniques for a successful presentation. There is also a guest interview discussing this subject with further useful advice. [/accordion] [/agroup] get soma cod [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” Buying Soma overnight delivery Module 4: Starting Powerfully“] The opening is the most important part of any presentation. This module will show you how to catch your audience’s attention. It covers the key components of the Introduction stage and how to introduce yourself effectively. It also teaches six techniques to hook your audience’s interest. Then it covers how to introduce your agenda and question policy. Finally there is an example presentation demonstrating how these techniques can help you start powerfully. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Soma fast delivery no doctors [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” cheap soma cod Module 5: Structuring Your Content Clearly“] This module explains how to organize your Main Body clearly and make a powerful Conclusion. It covers advice on how to choose and organize your content. Then it introduces useful polite expressions to structure your main body. It also explains how to summarize your content clearly and finish powerfully. Finally there is an example presentation to demonstrate these techniques and expressions. [/accordion] [/agroup] Soma online ordering next day VISA Mastercard accepted [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” Soma shipped with no prescription Module 6: Using Powerful Body Language“] This module will help you make your presentations interesting and exciting for your audience. It shows you the body language techniques you should use to create a confident, honest and active image. It also covers the “four golden rules” for an effective speaking style. Finally it introduces practice techniques you can use at home to improve your body language and speaking style. [/accordion] [/agroup]

buy watson soma [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” cheap discount online soma Module 7: Using PowerPoint Effectively“] PowerPoint is a vital tool for business presentations. This module covers four topics: the pros and cons of PowerPoint, how to design effective PowerPoint slides, the use of pointers and useful expressions for talking about PowerPoint slides. There is also a guest interview where the use of PowerPoint is discussed and more practical tips are given. [/accordion] [/agroup] online pharmacies soma saturday delivery [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” Soma 50mg no prescription required no dr by fedex Module 8: Answering and Escaping Questions“] The Q&A session can be just as important as the main presentation and more stressful! This module teaches you how to prepare effectively and answer questions politely. In the guest interview common kinds of questions are discussed and advice is given for handling difficult questions. Finally useful techniques are introduced to help you deal with hostile questions and even how to escape answering questions! [/accordion] [/agroup] Order Soma online overnight FedEx delivery [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” buy Soma no prior script Module 9: Persuading People in Presentations“] Persuasive presentations can be the most challenging kind of presentations. In this module we discuss three areas to help you persuade your audience: three principles of persuasion, techniques for preparing persuasive presentations and persuasive language. We also analyze some examples of persuasive language used in presentations by famous politicians, such as Barack Obama and Winston Churchill. [/accordion] [/agroup]

saturday delivery on soma [agroup first=”0″] [accordion title=” buy soma C.O.D. Module 10: Improving Your Presentation Skills“] The final module gives you more advice to help you improve your presentation skills by yourself. First it introduces techniques to help you deal with common presentation types (e.g. academic presentation) and specific presentation situations (e.g. impromptu speech). Then we give advice on handling common audience types and possible presentation disasters. Finally a post-presentation checklist is introduced and advice given for future practice opportunities. [/accordion] [/agroup] Soma No Prior Script Overnight ohmea_buyflow

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